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Upon recent discussions and decisions involving a new User Review system, thus a User Review Policy, and an overhaul of the site's unsatisfactory simplified ruleset, which are the only written rules on the site, i realised that we need to implement some solid and well developed policies to ensure our ever growing site is in order. It seems that content and design and general basic issues are being sorted, however a decent set of policies and a developed rule/sanction system is not in place. Well you may be thinking that this is unnecessary and pointless as we do not have vandalising or abusive users. However we must learn from other's and history's mistakes, so therefore i'm launching a Policy Improvement & Creation Drive.

As a section of Project: Rebirth, i will be overseeing, developing and guiding over this improvement and creation effort over the next two weeks, as i will have some more time to do so. After then i'll start the last term of my Preliminary Course, with exams at the end, therefore meaning that i won't be very active at all. So within the next two weeks we need to at least get the foundations and basics down for this sub-project. Below here is a list of new policies, which i will be implementing. However i may not have thought of them all, so below that can people please request new policies. These will be reviewed individually by community consensus and a final administrative decision.

Meanwhile the policies that have been requested and accepted, plus the one's i'm putting forward, will be started on. As a policy page can we follow the universal grey-boxed sections and silver verdana style font formatting. The specifics of each policy will be briefly outlined here and full developmental discussion will be held on each policy's respective talk page. Once this is done i'll get to work on the User Review System, however this needs to be implemented first as it is more important. Thank you, in advance, for helping out. Regards.
Posted @: 23:37, June 30, 2010 (UTC).

Policy To-Do ListEdit


Portal:Policies/Rules - A mass expansion and development from Special:Simplified ruleset. Linked page will need redirecting first, however do not delete the original redirect page. This policy is of the highest importance and priority.


Portal:Policies/Sanctions - A page outlining sanctions, more for administrative implementation and previous rule breakers interest. However it is necessary if we are to make a developed and structured ruling system.

Featured ArticlesEdit

Portal:Policies/Featured Articles - Rather than having a template up on each FA thread, we can have a link for new users to make things clearer. This page will incorporate these rules and formatting guidelines. This shouldn't take too long.

User ReviewsEdit

Portal:Policies/User Reviews - This has to be implemented before any work starts on the User Review portal. If we discuss basic rules first, it will also help when creating the portal page and its sub-sections.


Portal:Policies/Blogs - On another site i edit on, they have implemented a blog system to keep blogs relevant and appropriate. I don't mind people sharing whatever they like so i'll be lenient on relevance, however i think we need some guidelines for new users.

Creating ArticlesEdit

Portal:Policies/Creating Articles - I hate stubs, straight up. We all do. Specific formatting respective to type of article, grammar & spelling, general layout and a decent detailed length will be required. Also we should include citing and references from now on to make our site more reliable.

Policy RequestsEdit

FORMATTING NOTE: Please use the following formatting guidelines in the edit mode (press edit to view).

Overall CommentsEdit

Please keep this constructive and appropriate. Thank you!

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For vehicle articles, I thought you might want to look at this: Burnout Wiki:Formatting/Vehicles.
Exlonox posted this at 02:26, July 1, 2010 (UTC)
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If you read the line underneath the Vehicle Articles header, you'll see that i was already one step ahead of you! Any policy requests X?
Posted @: 03:08, July 1, 2010 (UTC).
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Yah, I think there should be guidelines for User Pages. I know I have an extensive page myself, but I think that some very new members here start using wiki assets too soon and are actually messing around with categorizing... I feel that I'm going to be seen as a huge hypocrite for talking about inappropriate use of User pages, but I have stumbled upon users customizing their User page too much too soon several times.

I actually plan on editing my User Page once P:R is fully live (before resuming standard editing...)
Inserted this message into the main mixdown at 07:55, July 1, 2010 (UTC).

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User pages... hmmmm... i kinda get what you're getting at. I'm not to sure what exactly the limits on content and regulations on other things we could implement for this. Add it onto the To-Do list and maybe start the page up too. Then i'll come and see what you mean.
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