Forum: Index Article improvement Undrivable Vehicles for Pre-Paradise games?

Ok, so we know that in Paradise's vehicles list there is a list of undrivable vehicles, each with its own article and a picture. I think we should do this for the other Burnout games too. I've made a list of Burnout 3 undrivables in B3's vehicle list, But I'm pretty sure I missed a few. If anybody can find pictures of those vehicles would be greatly appreciated, and I would like some help creating articles for them and other pre-paradise undrivables. Thanks! BurnoutRocks 20:47, 8 March 2009 (UTC)

Nice idea, thanks. Also its good to see new users. I hope you stay! TH3_P4RK5T3R T4LK_P4G3 F0UND37'5_8L0G C0NTR1BUT10N5 Burnopedia Admin

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