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Free Run
B2 Freerun 88 Interchange
Part of Cheat
Type Race, Pursuit
Players 1 P + 3/1 CPU

Free Run in Burnout 2: Point of Impact is a Cheat which affects all kinds of events in Single Player and Multiplayer.

One should note that Crash and Offensive Driving 101 are disabled when Free Run is activated, otherwise rendering them impractical.

Description Edit

Free Run is not a variant of any mode, as indeed it could simply be dubbed "No Traffic" because this is the effect that the cheat has on all forms of gameplay: it removes all instances of traffic.

Free Run is compatible with the Championship, Custom Series Championship, Single Race and Pursuit. Multiplayer Race and Pursuit are also affected by the cheat.

How to Unlock Edit

Complete all Custom Series Championship stages in order to unlock this cheat.