Geldard Drive
Geldard Drive
District Harbor Town
Length  ? miles
Car Events ?
Road Rules
Time Rule 25.0 seconds
Showtime $250,000
Bike Events None
Road Rules
Day Time 27.6 seconds
Night Time 26.3 seconds
Super Jumps None
Billboards None
Smash Gate None
Car Parks None

Geldard Drive is a road located in the Rockridge Cliffs area of Harbour Town.It is the road that is on top of the dam itself, whilst Casey Pass is in front of the dam. It intersects roads South Mountain Drive and East Lake Drive. A small shortcut is found in the dam side area of the road that allows the player to drive off of Geldard, on to a catwalk and drop onto Casey Pass, witch is important for Races to the Lone Stallion Ranch. It has a Showtime rule of $250,000 and a Time rule of 25 seconds. It has two smashes- #85 and 87 of White Mountain. It has two small ramps in the dam part of the road, great for gaining some Stunt boost for the last leg of a race to The Lone Stallion Ranch. A small portion of the road is undercover in a tunnel. A lengthy shortcut, The Waterworks road, starts from West Lake Drive and merges onto Geldard Drive, near the start. It is accessible from both areas via smashes. The Waterworks road has challenges that requires players to meet or crash into each other on the roof of it.

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