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Grand Prix (abbreviated GP) is an event in Burnout 3: Takedown. It originated in the original Burnout. It consists of three or four races on pre-determined circuits.


A Grand Prix works very similarly to a normal Race event. However, some details have been tweaked to spice up the action. The most immediate difference is that medals aren't awarded until the final race. Instead, at the end of each race the racers are given points for their placings. The driver who finished first is given six points, the driver in second is given four, the driver in third is given three, the driver in fourth is given two, the driver in fifth is given one, and the last driver is not given points. Points are carried over into the subsequent races. At the end of the final race, the placings are decided and medals are handed out. The racer that amasses the highest amount of points during the series of races wins the Gold.

Until the Super Grand Prix in Tropical Drive, a Grand Prix is composed of three races. In the Super Grand Prix, the World Grand Prix special event, and the Gold Medal Grand Prix, it is composed of four races.

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