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A Grand Prix (GP) is a special event in Burnout Revenge comprised of at least three different races. Each race takes place in a different location and course.

A GP event's races will typically take place on specific areas that have already been featured within the same rank. Such as the Harmless Rank GP which doesn't feature a race within Eternal City as it is not an individual event within Harmless Rank.

Most GP events are made up of three tracks but a some of the later GP events feature four races. Winning on a track doesn't earn a medal for a player. Instead, their placing determines how many points they get. Finishing first earns a player six points, second gives then five, third gives then four and so on.

The player only wins the GP event if he or she is on top of the leaderboard after the final race. Players only have the option to restart the entire GP instead of the individual races.

Grand Prix 1 Edit

Consists of 3 races. Prize car is the Modified R165 ST:

  • Motor City Short (forwards 2 laps)
  • Sunshine Keys (forward, 1 lap)
  • Angel Valley (forward, 1 lap)

Grand Prix 2 Edit

Consists of 3 races. Prize car is the Custom M-Type ST:

  • White Mountain (reverse, 1 lap)
  • Eternal City Long (reverse, 1 lap)
  • Central Route Short (forwards, 2 laps)

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