Hans Way
Hans Way
District White Mountain
Car Events 4
Road Rules
Time Rule 35.8 seconds
Showtime $250,000
Bike Events 3
Road Rules
Day Time 39.3 seconds
Night Time 37.5 seconds
Super Jumps None
Billboards None
Smash Gate
Car Parks None
Junkyards 1
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Hans Way is a medium size road located in Lone Peaks within the district of White Mountain.


It starts at the North Mountain Drive/South Mountain Drive T-bone, and curves, passing a small parking lot then curving again coming to Lucas Way. Located here is the GT Concept Burning Route.

It passes the Paradise Diner and then curves and meets the Chubb Lane intersection, where a Stunt Run is located.

Junkyard is located past this intersection and then the road ends at East Lake Drive/South Mountain Drive.


Car EventsEdit

Event Type Event Name Starting Location Finish Location


Torpedo Run

North Mountain Drive

Naval Yard
Burning Route (Right)

GT Concept Burning Route

Lucas Way

Wildcats Baseball Stadium
Stunt Run Cliffhanger Chubb Lane N/A


Power Surge

West Lake Drive &

South Mountain Drive

Wind Farm

Bike EventsEdit

Event Name Start location End location Time
Midnight Ride Midnight Ride Lucas Way Wildcats Baseball Stadium 2:39
Midnight Ride Midnight Ride Chubb Lane Waterfront Plaza 2:56

Burning Ride

Burning Ride

West Lake Drive &

South Mountain Drive

Wind Farm 1:45


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