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Hollywood Spills
Hollywood Spills 2
Located In Angel Valley
B2 Gold $6,000,000
B2 Silver $4,000,000
B2 Bronze $2,000,000
Off The Beaten Truck
Hollywood Spills is the fourth Rank 1 junction and first one to take place outside of Motor City. Players need to quickly check a couple vehicles and take the exit off of a motorway, otherwise they will crash into a blockade of parked buses. A ramp is placed on the road to jump over a gap and land in the overpass. To eliminate the target car, another exit must be blocked. Typically, a player will detonate their car twice if they hit most of the traffic, but it is possible to obtain a third one by flying back into enough buses at the start's barricade. Getting the vehicle explosion trophy shouldn't be difficult here, but the high score is trickier.