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Horse Power
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Burnout Paradise Race
Horse Power
Start 9th Street & Hudson Avenue
Finish Lone Stallion Ranch
Participants 8
Distance 4.9 miles

Horse Power is a Race in Burnout Paradise.

Route Edit

Start by following you rivals on 9th Street until Paradise Avenue where you should turn left, continue south on Paradise Avenue and turn right into the Twin Bridges Unmarked Car Park, exit it to the East to land on Young Avenue.

Keep going straight and engage in Evans Boulevard and drive down that street until its end. Just before the final intersection, turn right into the shortcut in front of the Paradise City Film School to then reach Harber Street. Then head into the Wholesale Fish Sales market (signaled by the Blue Marlin logo) which is dead ahead. Inside, keep right to exit it at the last minute.

Spend only a few seconds on Manners Avenue as you should immediately line yourself up to take the Natural ramp letting you leap onto the I-88. On the interstate, keep left and take the first exit in order to switch lanes at the Gabriel Avenue access ramps, re-engage on the I-88 into oncoming traffic (to travel on the upper level).

Continue eastbound on the Interstate and after overpassing South Rouse Drive, keep left and drop down from the I-88 onto the South Bay Railroad train tracks. Cross the South Bay Expressway Bridge and exit the tracks on the left to zoom past the finish line hundreds of yards before your competitors!

Note Edit

  • Using this route and even with a low stat vehicle, this Race can be won without Boosting.

Video Edit

Burnout Paradise - "Horse Power" event

Burnout Paradise - "Horse Power" event