PCPD Manhattan
PCPD Manhattan
Make Hunter emblem
Game BurnoutParaLogo
Boost Stunt
Speedicon Stat-stuntStat-stuntStat-stuntStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-gray (3)
Boosticon Stat-stuntStat-stuntStat-stuntStat-stuntStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-grayStat-gray (4)
Strengthicon Stat-stuntStat-stuntStat-stuntStat-stuntStat-stuntStat-stuntStat-stuntStat-grayStat-grayStat-gray (7)
Weighticon 2,410 kg.
Cruising 142 MPH
Boosting 162 MPH
Has originalHas br1Has legendaryHas toys1Has toy legendary
1958 Ford Fairlane

Though being a scale replica, this is a real-life version of the PCPD Manhattan, a 1958 Ford Fairlane.

The Hunter PCPD Manhattan is a downloadable vehicle in Burnout Paradise part of the Cops and Robbers Pack.


Due to the recent crimewave, this special pursuit vehicle has been released to the Paradise City Police Department. We are Code 3, so press the L3 button to hit the sirens.

How to UnlockEdit

Purchase the Cops and Robbers Pack.


The Hunter PCPD Manhattan has the same model as the Classic from Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It resembles an old American cop version of a 1957-1958 Cadillac coupe de ville.

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