Ikusa GT Burning Route
Ikusa GT Burning Route
Required Rewarded
Start Finish
2nd Street and Glancey Avenue Maplemount Country Club
Target Times
Original Updated
1 minute 15 seconds 1 minute 38 seconds


At the start cut through the Downtown Park. Then there are two main paths to take during this Burning Route. The most direct is along Franke Avenue. This has some possible places to crash, such as the six way junction, or turning onto Lambert Parkway. Alternately, a player may choose to take a more "L" shaped route, traveling along 3rd Street an then taking the last right, onto Lambert Parkway. This option has less traffic and more chance to boost for extended periods.

Alternate Route Edit

Ignoring the park at the beginning makes it easier to find the cutoff for Franke Avenue. Once on Franke, stay in the middle of the road to bypass most traffic making sure to veer to the left or right before making it to the bridge. Once you cross over Young Avenue, look for the shortcut through the buildings on your left. Head west on 7th Street and jump the ramp crossing back over onto the right side of the road. Instead of taking the 90º turn onto Lambert Parkway, jump the super jump over the lake and take the small right-hand turn onto Newton Drive and follow it to the Country Club. This route has less chances of crashing.


Burnout Paradise - Ikusa GT Burning Route01:27

Burnout Paradise - Ikusa GT Burning Route


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