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Interstate Loop Interstate Loop - B2 icon
Interstate 88
Interstate Loop - Presentation

Interstate Loop - map
Laps 3 laps
Length 2.7 miles
Weather Dawn / Rain
Races 2 (Forward)

1 (Reverse)

Crashes 1

Interstate Loop is a track in Burnout 2: Point of Impact, and reappered in Burnout Legends under the name Interstate.

Description Edit

The loop track can be seen as triangular, as the 3 more or less straight sections are linked together by one-way access ramps. The track features single and both-way traffic segments giving the opportunity to generate Boost, however some long sections of one-way traffic will make the player need to improvise Driving Skills in order to maintain his Burnout Chain.

Traffic is light despite this track being set on the Interstate, the time of day at which the race takes place explains this.

Layout Edit

Standard Edit

The starting line is placed on the widest portion of the track, an un-separated dual 4-lane highway that stretches or a few hundred yards before being closed off and forcing players onto the off ramp. The ramp takes racers onto a one-way segment stretching parallel to a portion of the 88 Interchange track. The freeway slightly curves left and a bump allows players to gain a few feet of air to replenish Boost.

The track then merges with the main stretch that it ran parallel to before again forcing players into an off ramp. This ramp turns right in a very long and wide bend -where drifting is only possible at high speeds and acute angles- meaning not much Boost can be earned. The ramp then merges with a much wider section, a dual 3-lane highway separated by only a thin dirt strip (which slows racers down).

A very wide overpass crosses the track 3 times, it is in fact another section of the 88 Interchange, the sister track under which the Loop swerves left and then right before sloping downhill. At the bottom of the slope, the highway splits up into both directions but the ramp turning right is the only one accessible. This bend is shorter and much sharper so drifting in advance is mandatory if a racer is to avoid hitting the outside barrier.

The track then opens up on a wider highway, yet again only separated by a painted white line, giving free access to racers into Oncoming traffic and Near Miss opportunities. The freeway goes uphill very slightly followed by a couple of wide right then left bends. It then narrows down to 3 same-way lanes which slope steeply downhill for a short distance. The 3 lanes are actually a large on ramp that finally merge with another main portion, which ultimately leads to the start/finish line located a few hundred yards further away.

Landmarks Edit

  • No named landmarks can be spotted from the Loop. However, there are many signs that direct to other areas of the region and it can be assumed that each area can be traveled to and from if the game were to be like its successor: Burnout Paradise.
  • Many billboards advertising Big Surf and Crystal Summit holiday resorts.

Events Edit

Several events take place on Interstate Loop.

Regular Edit

One Grand Prix and Face Off use this track.

Championship stage 02 - Face Off 1 - B2 thumb
Face Off 1
Face Off Hot Rod B2 thumb
1 Hot Rod
Championship stage 05 - Winding Road Grand Prix - B2 thumb
Winding Road Grand Prix
Grand Prix B2 Trophy A
4 Races

Crash Edit

One Crash Zone takes place on this track.

Crash zone 09 - Freeway Fury - B2 thumb
Freeway Fury
B2 Bronze $ 10,000,000
B2 Silver $ 15,000,000
B2 Gold $ 25,000,000