It's a Squeeze is a 6-player Freeburn Timed Challenge. It is challenge #7 in 6-player Timed Challenges. Its old time was 5 minutes, but was modified to fit a more suitable 7:30 minutes. It requires the player to meet up on the 1st Street car park, then to race to Lambert Parkway and reverse 10 yards through the pipeline between the South Rouse/Lambert intersection and the Hall/Lambert intersection, across the Parking Garage.

To complete the challenge, all 6 players must meet on top of the roof of the 1st/Glancey Parking Garage. After meeting on top of the Garage, Speed off the ramp leading to a drop on 1st Street. Then head west along 1st Street and merge south on to Lambert Parkway. Then, when you see the South Rouse Drive sign, complete a full U-turn and head up along the ramp into the pipeline. Then switch into reverse.

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