The Jansen Carbon X12 variant of the X12 is heavily modified and has improved stats across the board compared to its other variations. It has been outfitted with a carbon-body, chrome-trim and a Stunt boost conversion. Its two extra Speed and Boost points grant the Carbon X12 improved cruising and boost speeds.

The handling of the carbon super car has been tuned to help improve slow speed steering. The X12 was originally built to be a speed car and its carbon variant still uses an extremely light weight body. This allows the vehicle to practically fly off of the tops of sloped roads at high speeds. Even though the highly tuned handling makes pulling off precise maneuvers fairly difficult for some players, the Carbon X12 is still a good choice for Stunt Run events.

The European supercar's main weakness is still its relatively low Strength even with its additional strength from its carbon fiber body. This hinders the X12's effectiveness in Marked Man events. Its Stunt boost conversion and handling abilities make the vehicle an acceptable choice for Road Rage events.

The Carbon X12 makes up for all these disadvantages in vehicular combat with its overwhelming speed and boost. The X12 can be one of the fastest and most maneuverable cars in the game making it one of the best choices for race events if it can be kept under control.

Another good aspect about this car, from its tight handling, is its ability to make most turns all over Paradise without needing to drift. Its steering can be compared to the Racing WTR for wherever the player decides to maneuver, the X12 Carbon will turn in that direction with little difficulty. If starting from a dead stop, the car will perform a burnout until it hits second gear where then more control can be acquired. So it is suggested to keep the car as straight as possible until most of its wheel spin has stopped.

If needing to use the E-brake method to drift, the X12 will slide out very easily, though due to its need of grip, will have an oversteer style of sliding, for it will try to drift to the inside of the corner. Its best suggested to start this type of drift from a wider angle before corner entry.

Description Edit

Awarded for landing all the Jumps in Paradise City, this astonishing X12 is stronger, lighter and faster thanks to a space-age carbon fiber construction. A Stunt boost conversion completes the package.

How to Unlock Edit

Find and land all 50 Super Jumps.

Resemblance Edit

The car may have some design inspiration from the popular Jaguar XJR-15 sports car as well as the Pagani Zonda but it bears its greatest resemblance to the more recent Koenigsegg CCR or CCX. The manufacturers of the real and fictional vehicles both being from Sweden further confirms the design influence. The front bumper resembles that of the Ferrari F430.

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