The Jansen P12 88 Special is a Legendary Car available in Burnout Paradise from the Burnout Store and is an upgraded version of the P12. The 1.70 Update added a new Legendary Cars section to the Garage where players can view cars such as the 88 Special. To actually use it players have to purchase it from the Burnout Store, PlayStation Store or Xbox Live Marketplace.

The 88 Special is quite special as when the Boost is ignited the tires will leave behind long flame trails. Clicking LStick activates 'Hover Mode' which retracts the wheels into the car and pushes the 88 Special off the ground.

From the back of the car players can see its exposed engine parts but from the front it looks exactly like the Jansen P12 with a different paint job. The 88 Special can also be painted in any color available in the game but is only available in its one Paint Finish which mutes the colors against the stainless steel.

As far as handling goes the 88 Special lives up to the original P12's nickname of "Pocket Rocket". It is a nimble ride able to take turns well. In 'Hover Mode' it's a different story as the car turns a bit wider than normal but it isn't affected by different terrains such as sand and dirt whilst in 'Hover Mode'. In a crash, the car will always switch to 'Road Mode'.

While in 'Road Mode', the 88 Special has a softer suspension than the original P12. This is probably due to it being older than the other P12s. Another possible reason is because of the added weight the car has from the special engine on its rear. When turning without drifting, the car can be seen leaning against the direction of the turn much like the Hunter 4x4. This can be most noted at higher speeds when trying to make drifts using the brakes. The car will lean into the direction of the drift, but if using the E-brake method, the car's suspension will stay very flat making it much more easier to control around turns.

If in hover mode, the 88 Special will lean into the drift. This can make the car very maneuverable around traffic and excellent when performing takedowns. When accelerating from a dead stop in 'Hover Mode', it is slow to start off-the-line. It is recommended that the car is started in 'Road Mode' first, then switched to 'Hover Mode' when some speed is achieved. This is the fastest way to get to top speed whilst boosting. The E-brake can feel a bit laggy in 'Hover Mode', so it is best to use the 'E-brake' style of drifting a few meters prior to the actual turn or corner entry.


So, what's so special about the 88? Hit the L3/LS/P button and find out!

How to Unlock Edit

The 88 Special is included with three other vehicles in the Legendary Cars Pack for $7.99 / €7.99 / £6.29 / 600Ms.

It can also be purchased separately for $3.99 / €3.99 / £3.19 / 320Ms.

Resemblance Edit

The car is an obvious reference to the DeLorean DMC-12 used in the Back to the Future Trilogy and TV Show. Flames were left as skid marks when the DeLorean hit 88 mph and slipped through time. In the second Back to the Future movie, the DeLorean was able to hover and fly in the air, but the 88 Special can only hover.

The 88's Time Machine is also surprisingly accurate to the one from Back to the Future. The radiator exhausts, much of the piping, the wires on the side and the beams on the front and back of the car are all recreated. The main car itself even has modified windows to appear similar to that of a DeLorean. There is even a warning sign on the back referring to the plutonium needed to power the car in the first film. There is no Flux Capacitor, Time Circuit Dashboard or Mr. Fusion fitted on the 88 Special.


  • The 88 Special can sometimes become extremely heavy and unresponsive to the E-Brake whilst in 'Hover Mode'. This occurs when players drive the 88 Special after previously exiting Burnout Paradise whilst driving the 88 Special. The 88 Special can be returned to its regular state by doing one of the following:
    • Returning to the Junkyard, leaving with a different vehicle, and then restarting the game.
    • Entering an event with the 88 Special whilst in 'Hover Mode' and selecting 'Restart Event' from the EasyDrive Menu.

Notes Edit

  • The 88 Special does not have a wing from the rear and its engine compartment differs from the original P12.
  • The hovering ability of the 88 Special does not allow it to vertically takedown another vehicle.
  • In 'Hover Mode' the tires still utilize a blur texture to appear as though they are moving at high speed even though they aren't rotating at all.
  • The 88 Special will automatically switch from 'Hover' to 'Road Mode' whilst in mid air.
  • The wheels always lock into a default position when in hover mode causing the wheels to snap into position when activating 'Hover Mode' and snap back into their last position when activating 'Road Mode'.
  • When in 'Hover Mode', the boost flames still originate from the tires rather than the exhaust pipes. This can be seen when going off certain jumps or changing the view to see the rear of the car.
  • When driving against the P12 Diamond in 'Road Mode', the 88 Special can be the second fastest P12 in the game. But when in 'Hover Mode', it becomes the fastest P12 in the game.
  • When the P12 88 Special is tilted over 90 degrees during a barrel roll, it will automatically switch back to 'Road Mode'.
  • This car can't be used in an Online Cops and Robbers game.

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