Kitano Logo Dual
Based In Japan
Inspired By Honda & Toyota
Total Vehicles 9
Stat-stunt 5
Stat-speed 4

Kitano is a Japanese manufacturer that imports 9 different models to Paradise City, including the Tokyo Police cruisers. The company has manufactured zero aggression vehicles, but excels in stunt and Speed boost cars. The lineup consists of 2 base import-tuner models, the first being the Hydros, a front-wheel drive compact coupe upgraded by after-market companies and designed for a younger customer group involved in the import-tuner culture. The second model is the Touge Sport, an import-tuner with impressive handling and very good engine performance. Kitano's fastest vehicle is the Touge Criterion, the Sport's upgraded version.

Also, Kitano saw the Hydros model heavily customized: the new and unique version has been modified with a boost conversion and innovative carbon fiber body panels. These upgrades having pushed the original vehicle far past its original specifications, makes it therefore equivalent in performance to a standard Touge.

It is unknown is any of the cars use stock parts, but Kitano is certainly known for providing the base model to one of the most iconic cars of the Burnout World: the Kitano Hydros Techno, also known in other parts of the country as the Custom Coupe Ultimate.

In the real world, Kitano cars are based on both Honda and Toyota vehicles.

Kitano's logo sports the chromed letter "K" on a solid yellow background. The logo's design is a hint to the fact that Kitano is heavily inspired by it's real-life counterpart: Honda, of which the logo is also the capitalized first letter of the brand's name on a solid background color.

Kitano's Japanese name is a reference to several known Japanese people such as Kii Kitano and Takeshi Kitano, or places such as a train station in Tokyo, and even a tanker ship and Battle Royale character.

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