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Cruising 178 MPH
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The Krieger Racing WTR is the final vehicle that players can shut down in Paradise City. The Racing WTR is one of the fastest vehicles in the game and is also one of the more extreme Speed vehicles. The WTR is best suited for Race events because it has one of the highest top speeds in the game. On the other hand, it has the lowest strength rating within the game. The player can crash even by attempting to traffic check. Thus the player should avoid the usage of the WTR whatsoever in Road Rage or Marked Man events. On a similar token, the WTR's open-wheeled structure makes it more susceptible to takedowns ( primarily, T-Bone Takedowns) than other low-strength vehicles. It's tendency to temporarily lose traction upon landing from a jump makes it a dangerous choice for Stunt Runs, as this flaw could cause players to crash and lose their stunt combos.

Description Edit

Have you ever wondered what top-flight motor sport would be like on Planet Burnout? The Krieger Racing WTR is the ultimate Burnout racecar.

How to Unlock Edit

Win 170 events, then shut it down.

Resemblance Edit

The Krieger Racing WTR closely resembles the real-life 2007 Champ Car DP-01 which was produced by Élan Motorsport Technologies in Atlanta, Georgia USA. It has no induction air box which means it is an Indy Racer as it has a roll hoop for driver safety. The Racing WTR's paint scheme closely resembles that of the Vodafone McLaren-Mercedes MP4-23 with which driver Lewis Hamilton won the 2008 Formula One Drivers' Championship.

The Racing WTR bears great similarity to the Logitech World Racer from Burnout Revenge. A few differences between the two include the former having a wider curved rear and front spoiler.

Burning Route Edit

Burning Route (Right) WTR Burning Route


  • Burnout Paradise's Free February Update lowered the Racing WTR's speed from 10 to 6.
  • This vehicle, its variants, and motorcycles are the only vehicles that have visible drivers.
  • The Krieger Racing WTR is the World Circuit Racer from Burnout 3: Takedown.
  • Because this is the weakest car in Burnout Paradise, it takes only two crashes to lose an Offline Marked Man and Road Rage event. In the PC version, the "Running Scared" award requires players to win a Marked Man event with the WTR.
  • This is the only car to have a cop car variant unlocked in a Burning Route.
  • When this car is on the Shut Down screen, it shows it in black, even though the car in the Junkyard is gray.

Gallery Edit

All of the following images showcase the Racing WTR in a Platinum Finish.