The Legend J-Muscle is a Legend vehicle, which uses the model of the Japanese Muscle from Burnout 2: Point of Impact. However, the difference between the two cars is that the Legend J-Muscle uses the Custom Muscle's race flag vinyl. It is 10 MPH slower than the Classic, but it has better acceleration and less sensitive handling. Races can still be won even if the Classic is on the track, but the Legend J-Muscle is challenging to use in the Muscle Legend GP as all three opponents will be faster in the event.

How to UnlockEdit

Win Gold in both of the Airport Legend Face-Offs.


Like the Japanese Muscle, it bears the resemblance with the Toyota Supra Mark IV, this time with Burnout 2 Custom Muscle-type vinyls. The J Coupe of Burnout Dominator in Legend J-Muscle.

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