Limited R205 GT
Limited R205 GT
Game BurnoutRevLogo
Weighticon Light
Breakericon Force 10
Cruising 205 MPH
Boosting 205 MPH

The Limited R205 is a car from Burnout Revenge. The car is an ideal choice in race due to its top speed and Crashbreaker. Although its flaws are being Light, it doesn't accelerate fast, you can't sharply maneuver through corners, and it tends to crash if not handled through tigh corners. Although it is a good choice overall.

With a weight increase from the previous Limited R cars, the control and acceleration are slightly degraded. The Limited R205 GT isn't much better for smashing opponents, but it does deliver on surviving against stronger attacks in races.

It can be painted in White w/Gold Rims, Orange w/Black Rims, Yellow, Molten Red w/Black Rims, Blue, Grey w/Light Gray Chassis, Electric Blue, and Lime.

How to Unlock Edit

Earn a Bronze Medal at the Central Route Traffic Attack Short Reverse in a Rank 9.

Resemblance Edit

The Limited R205 strongly resembles the Gumpert Apollo with the headlights from a 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo.

See Also Edit

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