The Limited ST is the Limited R175 ST from Burnout Revenge. It's a responsive car, with good grip and handling. It doesn't have a lot of strength, so its efforts are best used playing with the traffic than trying to force a rival into a wall.

How to Unlock Edit

Get 15 Near-misses during the “Race on Glacier Falls” event.

Resemblance Edit

Some subtleties of the Limited ST come from the Audi R8 (the road car variation, named after the substantially different race track car of the same name). The indicators underneath the headlights, thin brake lights, and a middle portion being a different color from the main body of the car, are all aspects shared by the vehicles. Also, the headlights resemble those of the first-generation Lamborghini Gallardo.


  • It comes in Yellow/Black, Blue/Grey and Orange/Dark Red color choices.

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