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Each track in Burnout Dominator has a forward and reverse configuration.



Tuscan HillsEdit

This is the long version of Tuscany, The piece has a broad road and long country lane, striking the church is only shown in Tuscan Hills and the long curve that a bit away.

Tuscan ViewEdit

This is the short version of Tuscany, It does not like big wide road Tuscan Hills, but only narrow roads and a striking piece is the piece after you leave the Tuscan Hills section is primarily a beautiful piece.



The long version have the same name as the location, it is primarily a highway circuit in Germany, but you go a bit through the streets of the city that is most noticeable on this track.

Autobahn LoopEdit

This is the short version of Autobahn, this version in front of the long version but it is just a highway circuit, it is the smallest circuit of Burnout Dominator.

Red GateEdit

Red Gate is a track exclusive to the US/EU PlayStation Portable version of Burnout Dominator. It can be downloaded for free online. based on Moskou, Russia

Far EastEdit

Bushido MountainEdit

Bushido Mountain is based on Nikko City's Iroha Zaka mountain pass, Tochigi, Japan

Bushido PeakEdit

Bushido ValleyEdit

Spiritual CityEdit

Strikingly referring to Kuala Lumpur, Spiritual City features highways with monorail tracks running above it, modern Oriental cityscapes, and busy streets.

Spiritual TowersEdit

The first course set in SC, Spiritual Towers starts on a highway until a junction leading through a straight road past the titular Spiritual Towers (based on the Petronas Twin Towers). The road then joins with another road passing through a building complex resembling the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. Then players take a detour offroad into a garden square. This square fuses elements of the Merdeka Parade and the Old Railway Station. When players return to the asphalt they will pass the Spiritual Gates. The gates are direct carbon copies of the Federal Territory gateways, and are the starting point of the other track, Spiritual Gates. A quick left leads players down a road with a fork. The left detour passes through a tunnel and consists of one bend only. If players insist on going straight, they will have to manoeuvre through a hairpin, a quick bend and two junctions (where the split roads unite at the second). A short distance through an uphill road and a left detour brings players to Chinatown (based on Petaling Street). Chinese-themed shops, a temple and covered walkways line this area. After that, players will go through zig-zagged roads formed by the junctions of the shopping district (mostly resembles Bukit Bintang from the look of the buildings). Finally the road meets the highway where players start.

Spiritual GatesEdit

The second track in SC starts at the Spiritual Gates. Instead of taking a left, players go straight a little further until they turn right through an open area. This area could possibly allude to the Lake Gardens area as less buildings are found lining the roads. Then the road meets up with the shopping district, and from there onwards the players follow the same route in Spiritual Towers right up to the Spiritual Gates.


Ocean DriveEdit

Based on California.

Steel TownEdit

Based on Pittsburgh.

Glacier FallsEdit

Based on Colorado

Black Gold HighwayEdit

Black Gold Highway is the city of oil, industry terrain, wide highways and heavy traffic welcome in one of the working cities of America. Based on Houston, USA.

Carnival PointEdit

Carnival Point is a track exclusive to the US/EU PlayStation Portable version of Burnout Dominator. It can be downloaded for free online.


  • Due to the inactive EA Nation server, the 2 DLC tracks are no longer available to be downloaded, as well as the game's official site is closed.
  • In Black Gold Highway (forward), if the player takes the big ramp in the middle of the highway after leaving the industrial terrain at a high speed (180+ mph) and turns left hard enough, their car will land in between the highway subdivisions, leading to an infinite abyss. Falling into this abyss does count as air time, so the player will be earning towards their boost chain (most likely it will be refilled) The player will eventually crash, but not for about 5-10 seconds. Saving up a lot of boost (chain) or even chaining and then using it all when falling can be great for reaching extremely high speeds. Also, you will not be able to turn your car while you're falling into this abyss.

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