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Each track in Burnout Dominator has a forward and reverse configuration, like the other games of the franchise.



Based on the region in Italy of the same name, the circuit has a small village full of open shortcuts, tight streets, along with asphalt and dirt roads that run across the vineyards. That makes a beautiful landscape. It's composed of 2 different circuits: Tuscan Hills, and Tuscan View


The player drives along the famous limitless speed highways of Germany, full of long straights and tunnels, perfect for aggressive driving. But the player should watch out for the big-rigs while they're racing. The player goes through streets in a city that is most noticeable on this track. Also, it has the Autobahn Loop, that is the short version of Autobahn, this version in front of the long version is just a highway circuit. It is the shortest track in Burnout Dominator.

Red GateEdit

Based on Moscow, Russia, the player races in large avenues along the Kremlin Palace, while trying to avoid the intensive traffic. It is the only track of the game that is set in the night. This track is exclusive to the US/EU PlayStation Portable release of Burnout Dominator. It can be downloaded for free online. It was originally meant to appear on the PS2 release but was removed for unknown reasons. This track does not feature any Signature Shortcuts.

Far EastEdit

Bushido MountainEdit

Bushido Mountain is based on a Japanese town. In such a beautiful place surrounded by orange flowered trees, it's easy to lose control while driving along sinuous roads, and too many sharp turns. The location has 2 tracks: Bushido Peak and Bushido Valley.

Spiritual CityEdit

Inspired by Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, Spiritual City is the typical oriental megacity, that features modern skyscrapers and neon signs. The player must drift hard in sharp corners, and boost along the busy boulevards of the city. It's composed of Spiritual Towers and Spiritual Gate.


Ocean DriveEdit

Based on Monterey, California, the player must be careful while drifting into zig-zag roads along the beaches, but also can use many shortcuts of the track.

Steel Town WorksEdit

A metallurgical city, the player runs through a great concrete and iron jungle, full of crossings, and many industrial parks. It is based on Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Glacier FallsEdit

Based on Boulder, Colorado, USA. The player races along forest roads, a small town, and boosts uphill around the mountains.

Black Gold HighwayEdit

Here, the player will be surrounded by crazy highway junctions and petrochemical complexes. It is based on Houston, Texas. The symbolic cars of this track are the Classic Muscle, the Works M-Type, the Blue Lightning and the Charger.

Carnival PointEdit

Inspired by the famous Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The player drives along the exuberant Copacabana sidewalk on the sunset, enjoying the tropical cityscape from the hills, and drifts around from the favelas to the old town. This track exclusive to the US/EU PlayStation Portable release of Burnout Dominator. It can be downloaded for free online. Along with Red Gate, it was originally going to appear in the PS2 release. It was also removed for unknown reasons. This track does not feature any Signature Shortcuts.


  • Due to the inactive EA Nation server, the 2 DLC tracks are no longer available for download on the game's official site, that is now closed. But you can find and download from another Burnout fansite, just click the link:
  • In Black Gold Highway (forward), if the player takes the big ramp in the middle of the highway after leaving the industrial terrain at a high speed (180+ mph) and turns left hard enough, their car will land in between the highway subdivisions, leading to an infinite abyss. Falling into this abyss does count as airtime, so the player will be earning towards their boost chain (most likely it will be refilled) The player will eventually crash, but not for about 5-10 seconds. Saving up a lot of boost (chain) or even chaining and then using it all when falling can be great for reaching extremely high speeds. Also, the player will not be able to turn their car while they're falling into this abyss.

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