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Lone Peaks Quarry
Quarry entrance

Water quarry
Type Open-pit mine
Location South Mountain Drive
District White Mountain
(Lone Peaks)
Terrain Dirt, grass, metal and concrete
Size Unknown
Super Jumps 1
Billboards 3
Smash Gate 6
Jumps 12
Quarry overlook south

A global view of the Quarry, looking South.

Quarry overlook north

An alternate view of the Quarry.

The Lone Peaks Quarry is an open-pit mine in the south of the White Mountain district, just West of the Rockridge Dam. It is a deep mine divided by a narrow waterway across the middle and is probably run by the same mining company as Tindle's Mine. It features many Ramps and paths as well as several Discoveries making it similar to the Eastern Shore Airfield. It is also similar to the Airfield in the sense that both are secret locations, and their discovery earns the player a PlayStation 3 Trophy.

The Quarry is accessible at any time, but jumping in such a location during a Race event is highly inadvisable, nevertheless players will find very worthwhile this area due to its high number of ramps and discoverables, thus making it a recommended venue for Stunt Run events. The Lone Peaks Quarry also serves as a location in many Freeburn and Party Pack Challenges, like the Paradise City Airfield.

The Lone Peaks Quarry is accessed via two entrances:

Location Description Edit

The Lone Peaks Quarry is probably an active mine as several bulldozers and trucks are visible on the site. The main structures to be found in the Quarry are 2 large mine shafts, one main workshop or office building, a factory or workshop building and a large tower like structure in the North-West. There is a large network of dirt paths and ramps on the flanks of the Quarry's cliff-faces, letting players enter and exit the mine. One track circles completely around the Quarry and is linked to 2 other ramps leading to the main entrance or the bottom of the pit.

Main Overview Edit

Players are able to achieve large jumps, several barrel rolls and Flat Spins thanks to the high number of natural and Makeshift Ramps. The highest and most worthwhile (yet dangerous) ramp is the one located at the main entrance: It is one of the highest in the game, and is a great Split Ramp for attempting to land multiple barrel rolls. Other well known jumps are the ones between the 2 mine shaft towers leading to a Billboard, and the dual natural ramps found directly below the main Super Jump, one of which leads to another Billboard.

Secondary Areas Edit

Other areas include:

  • 2 double Split Ramps letting players Barrel Roll over the stream.
  • 2 Makeshift Ramps to the north of the previously mentioned ramps, also letting players jump over the steam.
  • 1 Natural Ramp part of the "ring" like path circling the sides of the cliffs.
  • A large open concrete area free of obstacles in the center of the bottom of the pit.

Discoveries Edit

  • The Lone Peaks Quarry has one Super Jump, placed visibly by the main entrance.
  • There are three billboards, one located between the two shaft towers with ramps leading up to a jump between them from either side, one just off of a jump found by running counterclockwise along the raised outer edge, and another reached by a longer jump found by driving clockwise up the raised outer edge.
  • There are also several smash gates spread across the mine, four of them available by driving into two secret tunnels from the bottom, one leading to the mentioned alternate entrance found on the inside of a hairpin along South Mountain drive and the other from inside the Quarry which leads to Casey Pass.

Trophies Edit

One PlayStation 3 PSN Trophy is awarded to the player upon first access to the Quarry.

BP Original BronzeVisit the QuarryAwarded for visiting the Quarry in White Mountain.

Challenges Edit

Freeburn Challenges Edit

Here are listed the 17 Freeburn Challenges that take place in the Lone Peaks Quarry.

215MineheadsDriver ChallengeJump across the mine shaft twice in the Lone Peaks Quarry.
217Rock and Rolls!Team ChallengeLand a total of 10 Barrel Rolls in the Lone Peaks quarry. All drivers must contribute.
318Earth MoversTeam ChallengeGet a total of over 30 seconds of Air Time at the Lone Peaks Quarry. All drivers must contribute.
343RockfallsDriver ChallengeDrift a total of 3,000 yards and get 800 degrees of Flat Spin in the Lone Peaks Quarry.
440Mined the Gap!Team ChallengeLand a total of 15 jumps over the mine shaft in the Lone Peaks Quarry.
441Quarry RollsDriver ChallengeLand a double Barrel Roll in the Lone Peaks Quarry.
515Long Distance FallTeam ChallengeGet a total of a jump distance of 1,500 yards in the Lone Peaks Quarry. All drivers must contribute.
520Mine's A JumpDriver ChallengeJump the mine shaft in the Lone Peaks Quarry.
622Hole Lotta JumpsTeam ChallengeLand a total of 18 jumps over the mine shaft in the Lone Peaks Quarry. All drivers must contribute.
623Open Face-OffDriver ChallengeLand 2 Barrel Rolls and drift a total of 2,000 yards in the Lone Peaks Quarry.
624Blast Off!Driver ChallengeGet a total of 15 seconds of Air Time in the Lone Peaks Quarry.
633Rock And RollDriver ChallengeLand a double Barrel Roll in the Lone Peaks Quarry.
719Don't QuarryDriver ChallengeDrift 1,000 yards and land 2 Barrel Rolls in the Lone Peaks Quarry.
740Quarry BarrelsDriver ChallengeLand a double Barrel Roll in the Lone Peaks Quarry.
742Quarry TakeoffsTeam ChallengeLand a total of 50 jumps at the Lone Peak Quarry. All drivers must contribute.
824Don't Look DownDriver ChallengeJump the Lone Peaks Quarry mine shaft 4 times.
834What A Blast!Driver ChallengeDrift 2,000 yards and land 10 Jumps in the Lone Peaks Quarry.

Party Pack Challenges Edit

The Party Pack includes 2 challenges that use the Lone Peaks Quarry.

TypeTitleChallengeVehicleTimeFail Criteria
SkillDanger: Falling CarsEarn as much Air Time as possibleCarson Hot Rod Coupe1m00sCrash
StuntRock & RollsLand a double Barrel Roll into the QuarryJansen P12 -Crash or insufficient Barrel Rolls