Lone Peaks Stock Car Track
Lone Peaks Stock Car Track

Stock car Track sat
Type Derelict Stock Car Track
Location South Mountain Drive
District Silver Lake
(Lone Peaks)
Terrain Dirt & wood
Smash Gate 1
Jumps 0

The Lone Peaks Stock Car track is a figure-eight shaped racing track in the very south of the White Mountain district, with the entrance behind a smash gate just west of the Lone Stallion Ranch on the south side of the road. The track has highly banked turns and is excellent for long drifts. The track itself is dirt while the upper part of the banking consists of concrete. One can gain very high speed with a stunt car, as the almost constant drifting in the large turns will allow equally constant boost.

It's only real purpose in the game is its use in 7 different online challenges, which include getting a number of near misses, racking up drift distance and crashing into each other. In the Party Pack the track will be featured for a different event: completing a lap within a certain time.

In the in-game continuity, there are three cars designed for this track. The Hunter Oval Champ 69 is the first one to be unlocked, and, driven straight, can tackle the course full-throttle. The second and third are the Hunter Racing Oval Champ and Hunter BRT Oval Champ, the Nakamura Racing SI-7 and the Jansen XS12 were also included in the race.

which both require a little more patience with the gas pedal due to highly increased power. However, any vehicle in Burnout Paradise can get to and drive on the track. Other notable structures include several stands (bearing faded out sponsor banners and adverts) and a house in the middle of the western ring.

Overview Edit

Location Description Edit

The Lone Peaks Stock Car track is essentially an abandoned dirt "figure-8" racing track with banked curves. The Smash Gates located at the entrance give away the fact that it is no longer being used despite its likely popularity in the 1970s (years during which the Hunter Cavalry was champion). The starting line is located on the wooden bridge which overpasses the other lane and it is likely that cars progressed clockwise around the track.

Resemblance Edit

The Stock Car track of White Mountain is similar to any dirt stock car track from the 1930s - 1980s period. It could have been loosely inspired by the Dayton Speedway since it was a very popular venue in past decades, but is also abandoned (like other tracks of the same kind).

Gameplay Implementation Edit

Developers included several challenges to promote the location however, players can also choose to play other game modes such as Road Rage offline or even Marked Man online in the Stock Car Track.

Freeburn Challenges Edit

The following are the Freeburn Challenges and Timed Challenges that involve the Lone Peaks Stock Car Track

Challenge TypePlayersNumberNamePt. 1Pt. 2Time
Original218Drift TrackDrift a total of 2,000 yards at the Lone Peaks Stock Car Track.  
Original439Dirt BusterDrift a total of 2,000 yards and get 4 Near Misses at the Lone Peaks Stock Car Track.  
Original5218 Track!Drift a total of 2,000 yards and get 4 Near Misses at the Stock Car Track.  
Original618Round & RoundGet a total of 10 Near Misses at the Lone Peaks Stock Car Track.  
Original635Dirt Track MarathonDrift a total of 18,000 yards at the Lone Peaks Stock Car Track. All drivers must contribute.  
Original823Dirt Track FunDrift a total of 2,000 yards and get a total of 5 Near Misses at the Lone Peaks Stock Car Track.  
Original835Dirt Track SmashCrash into each other at the Lone Peaks Stock Car Track.  
Timed58Down and DirtyMeet up at Angus Boat Hire in Heartbreak Hills.Every driver get 2,000 yards of Drift inside the Stock Car Racing Track as quick as you can.03m00s
Timed75The Dirt RaceMeet up at Lone Stallion Ranch.Every driver get 3,000 yards of Drift inside the Stock Car Racing Track as quick as you can.03m00s

Party Pack Challenges Edit

Main article: Party

The Party Pack included one challenge that took place in the Track.

Type Title Challenge Location Vehicle Time
Speed Straight 8 Complete 1 Lap Stock Car Racing Track Hunter Mesquite Timed


  • The name of the old stock car track is most likely a reference to the Lone Peak course from Burnout Revenge.

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