The Low Rider has the most weight out of any Race vehicle in Burnout Revenge. It's one of the Special cars, meaning that it has a Boost Speed of 209 MPH, and is one of the fastest vehicles in the game.

Though, it's performance leaves much to be desired. The Low Rider's heavy weight makes it's acceleration the most sluggish out of any Race vehicle. This means that constantly pressing the Boost button in order to get it up and on the go. Despite this, It's heavy weight for racing vehicles makes this vehicle's endurance against lighter vehicles subpar, and can take them out with no problems.

Also because of it's weight, it has a high understeer problem, and the slidey drifts make this a poor competitor for Race events. In order for it to make a good turn, the driver must let go of the gas in the midst of a drift so that it can corner as well as a Super Light vehicle.

But the weight makes it an ideal choice for Road Rage and is arguably the best car for it, too. Light vehicles will have a tough time taking the Low Rider out, as the weight it has can take serious punishment. Not only does this flaw disappear, it also becomes an advantage for easy Takedowns, and can match against the Etnies Racer.

But when it comes to online Race events, this car becomes the most avoided choice. Because it's inability to perform Boost Starts will make the Low Rider an easy target for others to gain boost from. Then, this vehicle struggles to keep up with skilled racers. This can make it's matchup against the Revenge Racer virtually unwinnable.

Represented as a car of Angel Valley, the Low Rider has a California license plate that reads LA-SP-01 (Los Angeles Special 1).

The car can be colored in Blue, Violet Blue, Black, White, Grey, Dark Grey, Dark Red and Red in the PS2/Xbox versions, while Yellow, Sky Blue, and Pink were added in the Xbox 360 version.

How to Unlock Edit

Complete the Angel Valley Challenge Sheet.

Resemblance Edit

This car resembles a Chevrolet Impala and Pontiac GTO.

This vehicle returns in Burnout Dominator.

The vehicle later reappears in Burnout Paradise as the Carson Opus.

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