Lucas Way
Lucas Way Highlighted
District White Mountain
Car Events
Road Rules
Time Rule 1:01.4 seconds
Showtime $250,000
Bike Events None
Road Rules
Day Time 1:07.5 seconds
Night Time 1:04.4 seconds
Super Jumps 1
Billboards 1
Smash Gate 4
Car Parks None

Lucas Way is a road in Burnout Paradise found in the Lone Peaks district of White Mountain. It meets at intersections with South Mountain Drive, Hans Way, Schembri Pass and Nelson Way.


There are four events along Lucas Way with most of them being Races, and one being a Burning Route

Event TypeEvent NameStarting IntersectionFinish Location
High Noon ClubSouth Mountain DriveCountry Club
Eastern PromiseSchembri PassWaterfront Plaza
Call of the WildNelson WayWildcats Baseball Stadium
Burning Route (Right)GT Concept Burning RouteHans WayWildcats Baseball Stadium

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