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Maguire Road
Maguire Road
District Big Surf Island
Car Events
Road Rules
Time Rule
Bike Events None
Road Rules
Day Time
Night Time
Super Jumps 3
Billboards None
Smash Gate
Car Parks None

Maguire Road is a road in Big Surf Island. It is the road that serves Perren's Point and contains the lighthouse jump, as well as some dirt paths that lead to two other Mega Jumps, including the Crash TV Ski Jump.

There is an S-curve at the beginning of this road in the south, in the north it has an entrance to the North Beach. It begins at the 3-way intersection with Grange Hill/Pitt Avenue and ends at the Pitt Avenue intersection, continuing as Daniell Way. One notable dirt path off the concrete road leads to the Els Bels Resort, as well as the Ski Jump. The majority of dirt paths are on this road.

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