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Manners Avenue
Manners Avenue
Manners Avenue
District Harbor Town
Car Events None
Road Rules
Time Rule 1:00.2 seconds
Showtime $400,000
Bike Events None
Road Rules
Day Time 1:06.2 seconds
Night Time 1:03.2 seconds
Super Jumps 1
Billboards 4
Smash Gate 12
Car Parks 1
Junkyards 1

Manners Avenue extends from the intersection with Harber Street in the Paradise Wharf section of Harbor Town to the north west and the intersection with East Lake Drive, Lambert Parkway, and Hubbard Avenue in the Rockridge Cliffs section of Harbor Town.


Paradise WharfEdit

The first intersection with Harber Street is the location of the Hostile Waters Marked Man event. Continuing westward along Manners Avenue, a Billboard can be found to the south.

Next is reached an intersection with the South Bay Expressway to the south and Warren Avenue to the north. This intersection is also the location for the Coast to Coast Race. There is also another Billboard on the south western corner of this intersection.

The next intersection to be encountered is the intersection with Sheperd Avenue. There is no event at this intersection, although the north eastern corner has another Billboard, and the northwestern intersection has a Parking Garage.

South BayEdit

The next intersection is with Gabriel Avenue. This intersection is the starting location for the Heads Up Race.

The next intersection is with Parr Avenue. This intersection is the starting location for the Jansen X12 Burning Route. After this intersection, a ramp can be found on the northern side of the road.

The next intersection is with Hall Avenue. This intersection is the starting location for the Mayday Mayday Marked Man event.

The next intersection is with South Rouse Drive. While no event starts at this intersection, the north west corner is the location of a Junkyard.

Rockridge CliffsEdit

As Manners Avenue turns from the west to the north, it passes the Rockridge Hydro Station at the intersection with Casey Pass. Manners Avenue continues turning, now moving from the west to the east. The next and final intersection is with East Lake Drive to the north and Lambert Parkway to the south. There is no event beginning at this intersection. As the road continues on to the east, the name of the road changes to Hubbard Avenue.

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