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A map of Mountain Parkway

Mountain Parkway is a long A to B track in Burnout 3. It is the longest USA track and takes you through parts of all the other tracks. The traffic can get heavy near Downtown and in the city area of Waterfront. This track has lots of turns, making it more difficult for beginner drivers.

Face Off Edit

This map has 2 Face Off events. The first one is Face Off 1 where the player unlocks the Modified Muscle and the second is Face Off 2 which is the final USA race event and final muscle event where player unlocks the Muscle Prototype.

Hazards Edit

Be careful coming out of one of mountain parkway's tunnels; attempting to come out of the blocked side will cause the player to crash. It will also cause the rivals to crash as well. Watch out for downtown's pillars. The rivals will try to take the player down into the pillars. Be careful not to hit the trams or the player will crash.

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