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Description Edit

The Muscle of the original Burnout is a Hard-personified vehicle, as labeled by the game. It has excellent speed and acceleration characteristics, but its handling is rather difficult to master.

The Muscle comes in Red, White, Blue, Grey and Black.

How to Unlock Edit

The Muscle is automatically available from the beginning.

Resemblance Edit

Physically, the Muscle resembles a more compact version of the Dodge Viper. This similarity reappears in vehicles later on in the series that carry the "Muscle" title, indicating design history and, possibly, the same fictional auto manufacturer.

Its performance is a general template for any later muscle vehicles as well--most carrying the name suffer control-wise, but are good for speed.

Notes Edit

  • At some point during development, this vehicle was presumably called the Thunderbolt GT.[1] It was later renamed the Muscle for unknown reasons.
  • It resembled a 1999 Ford Mustang and it came in red, white and blue, as seen on early pictures of the game and the trailer. It then was turned into a 1999 Dodge Viper-like car.
  • Despite yellow not being a colour option, it will sometimes appear yellow in races. This also happens with the Saloon, the Sports Coupe and the Supermini.

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