The Nixon Special is a lightweight F1 car that is the only special car who's top speed is for some circumstances 205 mph in the PS2 and Xbox versions of Burnout Revenge. The Nixon Special is based on a company brand also called Nixon who sell watches, accessories, and audios.

This car boasts the highest steering and the tightest grip in the game, and can easily corner through every corner on every track without the need to drift. This car also has the quickest acceleration in the game, meaning a very fast start at the start of online races, and can be very agile and fast in the hands of a pro.

However because of it's quick acceleration, it's speed drops down to 160mph very fast when the boost speed is reached and when the boost isn't used. The steering can also cause problems when boosting and drifting sharply at a slow speed, thus causing it to lose control and spin out easily. It's also a bad choice for Road Rage because of it's Super Light weight, and can be taken out easily.

In a similar manner to the Logitech World Racer this indycar has a low front wing, which means that shunting or slamming other drivers can lift their vehicles upward, resulting in getting vertically taken down. This also makes the Nixon a poor choice for Takedowns.

With the drift jumping technique, this car unfortunately goes out of control and results in either a turnaround or a crash. This is because of the vehicle's high mobility and grip. It is also unable to maintain the additional speed it gets because of it's quick acceleration.

How to Unlock Edit

Complete the Eastern Bay Challenge Sheet.

Resemblance Edit

It resembles the 1974-1976 Lotus 76 Formula One car. The Nixon Special is the US Circuit Racer from Burnout Dominator.

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