Party Pack
Free February Update
Party Pack1
Version v1.60
Type Premium Downloadable Content
Released PlayStation Logo Xbox-logo Microsoft vista-logo February 5, 2009
Size 108 KB (Activation)
Complete Pack (PS3 & 360)
$1.99 / €4.99 / £3.99 / 800 Ms
Disambig iconThis article is about the Downloadable Content details. For Party game mode, see Party.

One of Burnout Paradise's Premium Content Packs is the Burnout Paradise Party Pack. It was announced on Criterion Games's website on October 31, 2008 and became available for purchase from the Burnout Store, PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace on February 5, 2009. This pack is included for free in Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box.

Party OverviewEdit

Up to eight players can complete challenges with pass-the-pad gameplay. Each player can take their picture using a USB camera or Xbox LIVE Vision/PlayStation®Eye camera. The number of challenges and specific challenges can be chosen either by the player or at random. The game gives each player a turn at the same challenge for each round. After each round has been finished the winner is announced.

Livery ChangesEdit

There are also small changes to some car liveries. These changes are only to small areas to show which players turn it is using the color associated with their player number.


The Party Pack includes Trophies for the PlayStation 3 and is the first to add Achievements for the Xbox 360.


Halloween Party Special CRASH TV 11 BURNOUT PARADISE10:01

Halloween Party Special CRASH TV 11 BURNOUT PARADISE


Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box Party Pack Special - Crash TV 2306:52

Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box Party Pack Special - Crash TV 23




  • The name of this DLC originates from the Crash Party gamemode from previous Burnout games.

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