Pitt Avenue
Pitt Avenue
Location Big Surf Island
District Midtown
Car Events 3
Road Rules
Time Rule 18.77 seconds
Showtime $350,000
Bike Events 0
Road Rules
Day Time
Night Time
Mega Jumps None
Smash Gate
Car Parks None

Pitt Avenue is a medium size road on Big Surf Island. It starts at the Daniell Way and Maguire Road intersection. It has two other intersections with Lipscomb Way and Paradise Keys Bridge at which a long tunnel can be found along the remainder of the road and at its intersection with Maguire Road and Grange Hill.

The North section of Pitt Avenue leads into North Beach whilst its midsection creates an access point between Midtown, South Coast and Perren's Point. There is a Auto Repair in Midtown along the road. There are 3 events for players to participate in along Pitt Avenue.


The following are events that begin on Pitt Avenue.

Type Name Start location End location Laps
Race Shore Thing Daniell & Pitt Daniell & Pitt 2
Road Rage Tropical Thunder Lipscomb & Pitt N/A N/A
Race Sunset Scramble Grange & Pitt Grange & Pitt 2

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