Th (47)
Game BurnoutRevLogo
Weighticon Super Light
Breakericon Force 10
Boosting 209 MPH

The Plantronics Car is a vehicle only available to the Xbox 360 version of Burnout Revenge. It is essentially a reskin of the Revenge Racer, and has similar performance.

Unlike it's non-DLC counterpart (but like it's 360 version), the Plantronics car is unable to maintain the extra speed boost it gets from doing drift jumps. Once performed, the extra speed quickly disappears, making the Plantronics car a less-perferred choice for high-skilled online matches.

How to UnlockEdit

Download the Plantronics Car for free from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and unlock 100% Game Complete or Lone Peak Crashbreaker Race Forwards In a Rank 10

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