Pictures of the WeekEdit

The following is an archive of all previously featured Pictures of the Week.

Paradise-Traffic Takedown

A Hunter Mesquite gliding through the air after crashing into traffic on the South Bay Expressway.

Rai-Jin Turbo Front

The Nakamura Rai-Jin Turbo, parked on the 2nd Street & King Avenue intersection.

Carson 500 GT 02

A spectacular racing scene taking place in Downtown Paradise involving a 500 GT, a V16 Revenge and a wrecked Hawker.

Blue Super Type 1

An intense race between a Super Type 1 and a Super Type 2 in Golden City.

B3 Render 2

A spectacular crash in Burnout 3: Takedown.

Montgomery Hawker Solo 04

Another intense race in Silver Lake involving a Carson Annihilator and Montgomery Hawker Solo.


A crash scene from Burnout Revenge.

Bike ScreenShot13

Bikes were first introduced in Burnout Paradise, as a free downloadable content pack: Burnout Bikes.

Clan Shot - Boostless BSI Dash

Boostless cars like the Olympus and Rai-Jin, were brought to Burnout in Paradise as part of a Free DLC Pack.


Crashbreaking has been an essential gameplay mechanic in Crash modes since its appearance in Burnout 3.

Pictures of the MonthEdit

An archive of the newly suggested "Picture of the Month," starting from November 2010.


Online Cops and Robbers might be a great way to warm up for Criterion's Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Paradise Square Tempesta

Paradise Square is essentially the core of Downtown Paradise and life of Paradise City. It features some of the tallest buildings in Burnout Paradise and a unique 6-way intersection.


One of the gameplay screens of the recently announced Burnout CRASH! which will release as a downloadable game this Fall 2011.

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