The Prototype M-Series ST is an unlockable race vehicle in Burnout Revenge.

The Prototype M-Series ST is equivalent to any other M-Type car, but it is the lightest of any in its class. It's capable of acquiring takedowns, but remains underpowered for intense combat and an easy target to push around. Fortunately, nimble steering and excellent grip make up for the car's mediocre strength. The acceleration is also fair, though nothing outstanding.

It can be applied with various body colors including; dark blue, black, gray, bluish gray, dark black, dark indigo, silver, crimson, aqua blue, light orange, and white.

How to UnlockEdit

Earn at Bronze Medal at Eastern Bay Eliminator Long Reverse in a Rank 3.


This car resembles a BMW 8-series with different proportions.

Notes Edit

  • The Prototype M-Series ST is fitted with a Swiss license plate that reads "SW-01-MU"

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