The Prototype R205 GT has a Super Light weight body and has a top speed of 205 mph. The Prototype R205 is mostly a fast car and is recommended for Race and Traffic Attack events.

It can be painted in Red w/ Black Stripe and Rims w/ Gold Bearings, Yellow w/ Black Stripe and Rims, fully Orange, Ice Blue w/ Blue stripe, fully Red, fully Blue, Black w/ Red strip and Gold Rims, and Gray w/Black Stripe.

How to UnlockEdit

Earn a Bronze Medal at the Lone Peak Crashbreaker Race Forwards in Rank 10.


The Prototype R205 GT resembles mostly the Ferrari FXX and the Gumpert Apollo with exceptions of the front and rear spoiler which resemble the Saleen S7's.

One of the changeable colors on this car can make it resemble the Revenge Racer.

This vehicle also resembles the Watson 25 V16 Revenge and Watson Revenge Racer in Burnout Paradise.

Notes Edit

  • Based on some loading screens and the menu background video (whenever this car appears), there was originally a yellow paint job with a black hood. While in the final verson the yellow paint job is still there, the hood is now also yellow.


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