The Revenge Racer is the ultimate version of the Prototype R205 GT.

It has a maximum boost speed of 209 MPH, and can easily reach 240MPH via drift jumping. This, combined with the car's handling, makes it one of the best-performing cars in the game.

The Revenge Racer is widely known for the insane speeds it is capable of reaching, and was the car of choice for online multiplayer due to its stats. The car's ability to reach and maintain high speeds via drift jumping greatly increased the skill ceiling of the game.

The car's handling is very similar to the Prototype R205 GT, meaning people familiar with that car will have no problem learning how to use the Revenge Racer. It is capable of pushing 220 coming out of drifts, but this speed can be quickly lost through collisions.

It does exceptionally well in race events due to its high speed, decent handling, and light weight. A skilled player will have no problem staying in the front of the pack, even without boosting.

It isn't the best choice for road rage events as the car's light weight limits its ability to get takedowns. This is made up for with the car's speed, but the game's A.I. will be capable of matching that speed despite driving slower and heavier vehicles.

How to Unlock Edit

  • Achieve 100% game completion.

Resemblance Edit

The Revenge Racer is included in Burnout Paradise as the Watson Revenge Racer. It takes a few design cues from the Saleen S7 and the McLaren F1, with the exception of the rear fin, but was designed as an Italian exotic, or hypercar as they are known and mostly takes inspiration from the Pagani Zonda. Other cars that can be said to influence the vehicle's design are the Ferrari Enzo, and Gumpert Apollo.


  • The cruising speed is greater than the boost speed as the car will slowly accelerate to cruising speed, once boost speed is reached.

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