A Rodeo is an unofficial stunt that is mentioned by DJ Atomika in Burnout Paradise. It is a combination of a barrel roll and flat spin, and when performed, gives the appearance of a rollercoaster element, the corkscrew.


  • This stunt, in most cases, can only be performed by barrel rolling off of a Split Ramp.
  • To know if you're performing an authentic rodeo, check the bottom left of
    Screen shot 2011-06-22 at 5.07.14 PM

    A Kitano Touge Sport doing a Double Rodeo into The Quarry.

    your Heads Up Display when you're in the air. The info above your boost bar should read "flat spin", and once you land the stunt, it should also say "barrel roll." The info may not always correctly inform that you've landed a barrel roll, but this will depend on how you hit the split ramp.


A rodeo stunt in action. The vehicle used in the following video is a Hunter Manhattan Custom with a pink finish.

Coolest flip in Burnout Paradise02:52

Coolest flip in Burnout Paradise


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