Roller Coaster Grand Prix Championship stage 09 - Roller Coaster Grand Prix - B2 thumb
Championship stage 09 - Roller Coaster Grand Prix - B2 menu
Part of Championship
Type Grand Prix
Goal Place 1st in the Grand Prix
B2 Trophy A
Total 5 Races

The Roller Coaster Grand Prix is an event in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. More precisely a stage part of the Championship.

It is the ninth stage of the Championship and is composed of 5 Races.

Events Edit

This event is comprised of 5 races:

Title Icon
Crystal Summit Peak Crystal Summit Peak B2 thumb
Sunrise Valley Downtown Sunrise Valley Downtown B2 thumb
Palm Bay Marina Palm Bay Marina B2 thumb
Airport Terminal 1 & 2 Airport Terminal 1 & 2 B2 thumb
Big Surf Shores Big Surf Shores B2 thumb

Rewards Edit

  • Upon winning this Grand Prix, the player is rewarded with a Trophy. The Crystal Freeway is unlocked, along with the Freeway Dash track for Single Race and Time Attack modes.
  • Earning Gold medals on all 5 Races also unlocks Face Off 3, along with the Crystal Summit Lake track for Single Race and Time Attack modes.
  • Completing the Roller Coaster Grand Prix contributes, with the 3 other Grand Prix, to the unlocking of the Invulnerability Cheat.
  • Winning a Gold medal on this stage also contributes to the unlocking of the Infinite Boost Cheat.

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