Rossolini Logo Dual
Based In Italy
Inspired By Ferrari, Lamborghini
Total Vehicles 7
Stat-speed 7

Rossolini is an exclusive Italian automobile manufacturer that makes six Speed vehicles available on the streets of Paradise City. Rossolini does not have a vast line of vehicles as all released models are based on two main models.

Their cars are built for speed benefiting from great maneuverability and are able to attain very high speeds. The latest addition to the lineup - the Tempesta - incorporates modern aesthetic body design as well as engine technology which makes the LM Classic obsolete in many respects. The LM Classic is a vintage racing car created in the 1970s', and is still largely recognized as a simple, yet very reliable, vehicle.

Both upgraded vehicle variants have been designed specifically for racing with the Track Package edition of the LM and the Gran Turismo edition of the Tempesta coming complete with enhanced engine and boost performance in addition to bearing many motor racing decals showcasing after-market brands.

The Tempesta GT is the firm's fastest vehicle and has been re-engineered with a new racing exhaust system which replaces the unneeded taillights.

It is not recommended to for drivers to use Rossolini vehicles in Stunt Run events nor any combat event due to their light-weight and exotic nature. Rossolini is most certainly a parody of Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Rossolini's emblem is similar to that of Porsche, having an animal on a patterned shield figure despite the Bald Eagle in the logo suggesting an American influence. There is a town located in Sicily to the south of Italy named Rosolini which further strengthens the Italian heritage.

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