The SUV from Burnout 2: Point of Impact is a 4WD car that has a high amount of control. When racing as this vehicle, its engine has a greater amount of torque over its produced horsepower resulting in the SUV sacrificing top speed for quicker acceleration making it quite useful when starting off or recovering from a crash.

When racing against this car, it poses little to no threat, similarly to the Compact; it's low top speed coupled with the slower driving speed of the CPU will cause it to lag behind the rest of the pack, unless another CPU is driving as the Compact, in which case it might be in front of that. The SUV has problems keeping up with cars such as the Roadster and Muscle, which have far superior top speed. Even the Coupe and the Pickup can be a challenge for SUV racers. CPU-controlled SUV racers can overtake at the start of a race for only a moment if they boost start, but they will most likely end up at the back of the pack by the start of the next lap.

As a CPU in the Championship, it appears in the Pacific Gate Grand Prix, the Winding Road Grand Prix and the Street Storm Grand Prix (as the extra racer).

How to Unlock Edit

Complete Offensive Driving 101.

Resemblance Edit

The SUV has a similar appearance to the Chevrolet Blazer and the Jeep Cherokee.And Nissan Pathfinder

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