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Save Ferris
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Burnout Paradise Race
Save Ferris
Start West Crawford Drive & Nelson Way
Finish Coastguard HQ
Participants 8
Distance 3.6 miles

Save Ferris is a Race in Burnout Paradise.

Routes Edit

Straightforward Edit

Follow your rivals on both Crawford Drives (West then East) since no intersection turns are needed.

Boost can be replenished by performing takedowns and also by drifting around the downhill bends as well as getting Air Time from the makeshift ramps dotted along East Crawford.

Shortest Edit

At the green light take a right turn immediately and head eastbound on Nelson Way. Jump over the Silver Lake Ranger HQ and at the upcoming intersection with Ross Drive, turn left.

Head East on Ross then Lawrence Road then eventually 7th Street to then finally curve North on East Crawford Drive after the Webster Avenue intersection.