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Second Burnout Store Update
Version v1.80
Type Free Update
Released PlayStation Logo Xbox-logo April 30, 2009
Size 926 MB

Burnout Paradise's Eighth Update (Console 1.80) is an unnamed free update. It was released on April 30, 2009 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This update will not be made available for Burnout Paradise PC.[1] [2]

Its main purpose was to introduce the PDLC Cops and Robbers Pack to the game. This included a new online game mode, numerous new police cars, new PlayStation Trophies and Xbox Achievements. It also included a variety of bug fixes.

Additional ChangesEdit

  • Cop Cars added to the Junkyard vehicle selection menu.
  • Player-on-player takedowns have been tweaked.
  • The PlayStation 3 Trophy involving the Carson GT Nighthawk can now be earned after previously having a x2 boost chain.
  • A fix on the reported issue of the game freezing during online ranked races.
  • A fix for certain players not being able to access purchased premium cars.
  • A fix for billboards resetting after entering Paradise from Party mode.

References Edit

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