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Spaghetti Western
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Burnout Paradise Race
Spaghetti Western
Start Harber Street & Glancey Avenue
Finish Lone Stallion Ranch
Participants 8
Distance 3.6 miles

Spaghetti Western is a Race in Burnout Paradise.

Routes Edit

Road Edit

Follow your rivals on Harber Street and take a left turn into the warehouse after the Evans Boulevard intersection. Continue into the wharf piers and spend a few seconds on Manners Avenue to then pass in the back alley shortcut on the left.

You are now on the South Bay Expressway and you should race West until you cross the bridge and arrive at the South Mountain Drive intersection where you should turn left and rush towards the Ranch.

Interstate and Railroad Edit

As soon as the race starts take the stairway on the right and drop down onto the I-88. Continue on the Interstate in oncoming until it passes over South Rouse Road at which point you should drop down from it onto the South Bay Railroad.

From there, cross the South Bay Expressway Bridge and shoot past the finish line.