The Spike TV is only available in the Xbox 360 version of Burnout Revenge. It is a reskin of the Black Elite Racer, and is sponsored by the American basic cable and satellite television channel Spike TV.

Just like it's non-DLC counterpart, it has a Light weight conversion, making it a slightly tough opponent to battle when using Super Light vehicles. This can also make it a useful choice for Road Rage.

But because of the Light weight, it experiences understeer and slightly sluggish acceleration. If this car is selected, it's best to know the understeer and constantly press the boost button to get it going.

Another flaw, also like it's non-DLC version, is that the low front bumper results in sudden crash outs. Driving on certain tracks like White Mountain, this car has a chance of wrecking by itself.

Drift Jumping with this vehicle will result in a tremendous boost up to 280 MPH and can use this advantage to catch up to the opposition.

How to UnlockEdit

Download the Spike TV car from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and earn a Bronze Medal at the Central Route Crashbreaker Eliminator Eliminator Short F in a Rank 9. (i.e. unlock the Criterion M-Type GT). attain Rank 11. (Elite)


The Spike TV car resembles the Nissan Skyline R34.

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