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Spin City
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Burnout Paradise Race
Spin City
Start 1st Street & Glancey Avenue
Finish Wind Farm
Participants 8
Distance 6.5 miles

Spin City is a Race in Burnout Paradise.

Route Edit

Follow 1st Street West until its end and turn left at Lambert Parkway. Follow the Parkway until its end too and head on towards East Lake Drive at the final intersection, then turn left towards Geldard Drive.

Cross the Dam and just before the end take the shortcut on the right to pass through the Waterworks and cut an intersection and a few bends.

Travel through Sunset Valley Town and at the end of the town take a left turn onto Nelson Way. Go uphill until you reach the Uphill Drive junction where you should turn left.

Follow Uphill to the top to the finish line, taking shortcuts if possible on the way. Drifting in the bends is particularly effective also.

Other route(s)Edit

Turn right away from the Glancey to Harber and then turn to Manners and drive straight until you see South Bay expwy and turn. Then turn to S. Mountain Drive and drive to the Wind Farm.