The Sports Coupe is a Medium rated vehicle that is good for players familiar to racing games and is a good intermediate ground between the Supermini and the Muscle. It is easier to drift around corners, is more responsive and accelerates faster than the mini.

How to Unlock Edit

The Sports Coupe is unlocked from the start of the game.

Resemblance Edit

The Sports Coupe resembles a second generation Toyota MR-2.


  • This vehicle can be colored red, blue, white, black or gray.
  • During development, this vehicle was called the Venom SX.[1] It was later renamed the Sports Coupe for unknown reasons.
  • The Sports Coupe reappeared in Burnout Paradise as the Nakamura SI-7
  • It is one of the first cars to be made for the game, with the other one being a Mustang like car, probably the Muscle car.
  • Despite yellow not being a colour option, it will sometimes appear yellow in races. This also happens with the Saloon, the Muscle and the Supermini.


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