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The Stock C170 Mid is a crash vehicle in Burnout Revenge. It is a junky old car with lots of broken parts. It is the first vehicle you get in crash mode (Unless you have a Burnout 3 or Madden 06 save on your system)

The Stock C170 Mid is the only available starting crash vehicle in Burnout Revenge unless players start a new game with an available Burnout 3: Takedown or Madden 06 save. It is a mid-ranged speed crash vehicle with medium weight. It performs well in early crash events and is easily maneuverable but it has a rather weak crashbreaker.

The only colors that this car can be painted are grey, blue, white, and red. A black finish is featured in the HD version.

How to Unlock Edit

You get this vehicle at the start of the game.

Resemblance Edit

Apart from the headlights and the tailights, it somewhat resembles the 1969 Dodge Charger.

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