The Super Collector 5 is a collector vehicle from the Super Series in Burnout Legends.

It depicts a full black paint-job instead of the conventional yellow/blue livery found on the Legend Supercar (as well as the original Burnout 2 Supercar. The Super Collector 5 may look less stylish, but it is easier to steer that the Legend Supercar.

How to UnlockEdit

Win a Collector Challenge Race against someone who has the car or win every other Super Collector car.


Like the "normal" Legend Super Car, this vehicle is heavily based on the Mclaren F1 as well as the Saleen S7. Its design also bears a resemblance to a Veilside Fortune RX-7. As well, its black paint job and design makes it somewhat resemble some versions of the Batmobile.

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  • When Road Rage, the Super Collector 5 damaged parts will bug the game and rarely the console will just turn off.