The Supercar is the ultimate vehicle in Burnout 2: Point of Impact as it boasts perfect ratings in nearly all of its statistical fields. Despite its ratings, it can be a handful for players. It is unmatchable in a race, but its mind-blowing speed leaves players vulnerable to a higher fatality rate. Performing a Burnout only worsens a player's chance of survival as the Supercar will succumb to unstable handling in the first few seconds of a new Burnout.

Racing against this beast of a machine can be an extreme challenge. The high top speed allows them to keep up quite easily, and if the player should crash, a CPU-controlled Supercar will easily outrun them. If a CPU-controlled Supercar gets so far ahead, it will be near impossible to catch up to it. This property is shared with cars such as the Japanese Muscle and the Custom Roadster.

How to UnlockEdit

Win Face Off 4.


The Supercar is heavily based on the McLaren F1 in addition to bearing a subtle resemblance to a Mazda RX-7 equipped with a Veilside Fortune full bodykit. Its sides and rear seem to be influenced by the Saleen S7 with a front headlight design similar to such seen on the Ferrari Enzo. Its design also contains a controversy; its overall look appears to be a modern racing car, but, notice the mirrors are near the hood, indicating it as an 'old-timer'. It also seems to overall resemble the Honda/Acura NSX.

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